Ultimate guide to Kudremukh Trek


Trekking is rapidly becoming a popular and fashionable adventure sport. Today we offer a complete guide to Kudremukh trekking.

Kudremukh is a mountain range 318 kms from Bangalore. Its name derives from the kannada word “horse-shaped”, which is a term that means horse-shaped in Canada.


Kudremukh can be found in the Chikkamagaluru region of Karnataka. It is approximately 93km from Mangalore. It is located approximately 318 kms from Bangalore.

Why Kudremukh Trek

There are many reasons to do Kudremukh Trek, but here are the main ones:

  1. These are the best hills to trek on.

Kudremukh is home to one of the most beautiful hills you can trek.

  1. Beautiful and mysterious valleys

You will discover all the beautiful valleys that you will pass through on your trek.

  1. The rivers

You will discover a variety of streams of water running alongside you during the trek, which will bring you a sense of peace that is hard to explain.

  1. Flora and Fauna

You will be amazed at the diversity of fauna and flora that this trek offers.

How do you reach kudremukh?

Only by bus or taxi can we reach Kudremukh in Mangalore

Mangalore is located 93km from Kudremukh.

Mangalore port, which is located 90km from Kudremukh, is the closest airport to Kudremukh. You can travel to Kudremukh by any mode of transport from Mangalore.

Mangalore is the closest railway station to Kudremukh, located 93km from it.

The airport and the railway station at Mangalore are easily connected to major Indian cities.

When is the best time to trek in kudremukh?

Although the temperature in the western Ghats remains moderate throughout the year, it can get quite hot in summer. Therefore, the best time to trek in the kudremukh is from June through February. The weather is mild and there are many festivals you can participate in while you’re here.

How difficult is the kudremukh trek?

It is approximately 18-20kms long, and can be completed in just two days. The peak of the Kudremukh hill, which rises to 6207ft in elevation, is considered moderately difficult.

The climatic conditions in Kudremukh make trekking very easy. This makes it a great option for families looking to escape the concrete world.

Kudremukh Trekking

The starting point for the kudremukh trekking is Mullodi village, which is located at a distance 15 km from Kalsa.

Three sections or parts make up the trek to Kudremukh Peak.

  1. It takes approximately 2 hours to cross this trail from the forest office to Ontimara. They are located five kilometres apart.
  2. From Ontimara to this final stretch, which is 3 km from each other. This trip takes approximately 1 hour.
  3. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the last stretch from Kudremukh peak.

You will then return to your homestay.

You can visit the somvati waterfalls on the next day, although it is not an extremely long trek. You can also visit other places this area has to offer you:

  1. – Kudremukh national park.
  2. – Hanuman Gundi falls
  3. -Kalasa
  4. -Gangamoola
  5. -Janta Market
  6. -horanadu
  7. -Kadambi falls

There are many more.

Information about local festivals and people

Kudremukh is a kuruba tribe. They used to live a nomadic lifestyle. Kudremukh’s people are friendly and lead a simple lifestyle. You can find many festivals here, including Navratri and Karavali.

Let me end by recommending this trek and expressing my hope that you will visit this area soon.

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