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Thinkific Review: Features Worth It?

In this Thinkific review, we have concluded every aspect of Thinkific. Thinkific is an online platform that allows users to create premium online courses. The platform is a Learning Management System (LMS), which enables online business owners and course developers alike to simply offer to host for web pages, video hosting, automated student enrollment, payments, and more. Check out our review of Thinkific for more information on the matter!

Thinkific Overview

Thinkific is one of the most popular online course platforms in 2022, and it enables users to design, advertise, and sell their own membership sites as well as online courses.

Thinkific’s course providers have access to a wide variety of features, including those that allow for the inclusion of video content, text content, and downloadable files in their courses.

You will be able to manage the curriculum for your courses using learning material editing tools within the Thinkific backend that are entirely dragged and drop-based. The image that follows demonstrates that you are free to organize the space that 

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Key Thinkific Features

When it comes to the development of an online course, Thinkific ought to be the gold standard. This section will show why the procedure for developing your online course is preferable to a great number of other options that I’ve experimented with in the past.

Video Lesson

In the case of a video lesson, you will select a video from your own collection (that you have already uploaded), and that particular movie will serve as the introduction to your session.

Users have the option to adjust the playback speed of the video as well as upload their own captions if they so choose.

You also have the option to put text underneath the video. This text will have the same capabilities as the text lesson, which you will see in a moment. You are not permitted to add numerous video lessons at the beginning of the session, which is one of the restrictions imposed by the video lesson.


Let’s talk about one of the more useful features, which is the fact that Thinkific contains its own quizzes. The use of quizzes is an excellent method for determining whether or not the information that you have presented to your pupils is being retained by them.

As you can see, the opportunity to write an explanation rests with you regardless of whether the student received the correct or incorrect response. Your course’s learning curve may benefit from this, and course developers will find it to be an extremely useful tool.

Course Creation

Once we’re in the many kinds of lessons, it’s important to point out that (nearly) every “kind” of the lesson can combine multiple teaching styles inside a single lesson.

You are still able to attach a video or PDF file to a text lesson, even if you select that type of lesson as your preferred option.

However, as you’ll see in a few moments, there are a few restrictions that come into play.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Thinkific

Advantages of Thinkific 

  • One of the very few sites for online courses that provides a free plan.
  • Their customer service experience is exceptional, and they provide support via phone and email.
  • You are able to personalize your courses and make them consistent with your brand using the Course Builder.
  • Every plan, with the exception of the free plan, includes custom domain branding, which encompasses subdomains as well.
  • It grants you the ability to choose a variety of payment alternatives throughout the checkout process, including options for a one-time payment or a monthly payment plan.
  • Thinkific provides many payment alternatives, including the capability to accept credit card payments through Stripe or PayPal.

Disadvantages of Thinkific

  • Thinkific does not have its own email marketing platform; instead, it only provides native connections with third-party services.
  • There is no sales funnel builder platform available, but they do have a native integration with SamCart; nevertheless, connectivity with other tools requires the use of Zapier.


In my perspective, Thinkific’s native selling and marketing possibilities are lacking, despite the fact that it is an excellent platform for online courses. I used Thinkific as the hosting platform for the online course that accompanied my nutrition book, and I now have more than 300 students enrolled in the course through my Pro+Growth account.

There is no shadow of a doubt that Thinkific is an exceptional learning management system (LMS), and that it may be utilized to create online courses of a high standard. With Thinkific, you can quickly and attractively create your own online courses.

Nevertheless, there is an opportunity for improvement in the advertising and retail adaptation features of Thinkific. Although the checkout web pages can be edited in their entirety, this does not contain the most important parts, and the Upsell tool does not live up to the promise it shows in its name.


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