How To Get The Perfect Shave With No Stubble: 10 Steps You Should Follow

Do you know that getting an impeccable shave is not as simple as it sounds? Getting the perfect shave entails a set of techniques. However, what is even more important than the actual shaving process is the preparation that comes before it. There are obvious things like prepping your skin with a good scrub and using a moisturizing shaving lotion to avoid pulling your hair in case you are using a manual head shaver. Apart from these things, there are several other factors that play an equal role in determining how smooth your skin remains after shaving. It can get annoying when you have to redo your shave every time because of that irritating stubble. Read on, and explore some tips to get the perfect shave every time using the best head shaver Groomie:

Prepare your skin with a gentle scrub

A good scrub will not only exfoliate your skin but also increase your blood circulation. This will help your hair follicles to grow faster, which will lead to less time between shaves. There are various scrubs available in the market, but you can also make one at home using baking soda and granulated salt. Add these to a bowl of water and make a paste. Using a loofah, apply this paste on your skin and leave it for a few minutes. This scrub will help your skin to open up, enabling the shaver to get closer to the hair follicles. For people with sensitive skin, we recommend that you go for a mild scrub with ingredients like oatmeal, honey, or shea butter. Other than exfoliating your skin, you should also try to prepare your skin for the shave by applying a mild shaving cream or gel.

Use a good quality shaving cream/gel

A good shaving cream or gel can make a huge difference in how close your shave is. The hair on your face is much coarser than the hair on your head, so you will have to use a heavier-duty head shaver to get rid of it. If you are using a manual head shaver, you will have to apply more pressure to get a close shave. This can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs. Thus, using a good shaving gel will ensure a close, less irritating shave. If you are using a manual head shaver, you can go for shaving foams that are less dense. If you are using a manual head shaver, you can go for shaving foams that are less dense. In case you are using an electric head shaver Groomie, choose shaving gel/foam that is more dense, as it will provide a thicker layer between your skin and the head shaver.

Use a new head shaver Groomie

This may sound surprising, but it is important that you use a new head shaver. You might have bought that fancy head shaver that gives you a close shave, but if you are using a dull head shaver, you are actually doing more harm than good to your skin. After every two shaves, you must make sure that you change your head shaver. This is necessary because the blades of your head shaver will become dull after a few uses, and this will cause the shave to be much closer than you would like it to be. Head shaver Groomie with multiple blades are good for beginners. It is best to use a manual head shaver for shaving your face. However, if you decide to go for an electric head shaver, choose a rotary one. It will be best suited for your face.

Hold your head shaver at the right angle

If you want to get a close shave, you must hold your head shaver at a 30-degree angle from your face. This will allow the head shaver to cut through your hair without pulling it out. Many people make the mistake of holding their head shaver too close to their face. Holding your head shaver at the right angle will make sure that your head shaver cuts through your hair, not pulls it out. If your head shaver is pulling out your hair, you are probably holding it at too steep an angle or pressing too hard. You will also want to make sure that you are shaving in the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the grain may give you an incredibly close shave, but it can also lead to head shaver bumps and ingrown hairs.

Rinse with cold water immediately after shaving

If you are using an electric head shaver Groomie, you do not have to worry about this. But if you are using a manual head shaver, you must make sure that you rinse your face with cold water immediately after shaving. Cold water shuts down your facial pores and helps to reduce the risk of getting ingrown hairs. It also helps to calm down the skin and reduce redness that might occur after a shave. If you have sensitive skin, you can use lukewarm water instead of cold water. Moreover, you can also add a few drops of apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil to the water for best results.

Apply a moisturizing aftershave

After you have shaved, your pores are open and your skin is vulnerable. Therefore, you must use a nourishing aftershave that will protect your skin and keep it healthy. If you have sensitive skin, you can go for aftershaves that contain aloe vera or witch hazel, which will help to soothe your skin. For people with oily skin, you can go for aftershaves that are alcohol-free and have a gel-like consistency. Apart from this, you can also go for aftershaves that have vitamin E and other antioxidants in them. These will help your skin repair itself and remain healthy. Thus, using a nourishing aftershave will not only protect your skin from inflammation but also keep it healthy.


Shaving is an important part of almost every man’s daily grooming routine. You don’t want to mess up this routine and leave yourself with cuts and bumps. The most important thing is to prepare your skin properly before you shave. This includes exfoliating, moisturizing and shaving in the right direction. You can also use different techniques depending on how thick your facial hair is. You can also use different shaving products like gels, foams or creams to get the perfect results.

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