DIY Car Cleaning Tips

Car washing and cleaning may seem hectic when it’s about regular maintenance. If you are a daily commuter, driving is a daily factor, and the car gets dirty. Don’t worry. Some excellent car cleaning tips will make your work easy. Your vehicle can become the talk of the neighbours when you keep it well-maintained and tip-top. 

Car washing in service centres is expensive, and you cannot take your car regularly there. You also do not have enough time to invest in car cleaning. But you know it’s essential to keep the car’s interior and exterior clean to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs. Car vacuum cleaners are effective in getting rid of the dust that accumulates daily. 

Cars have a high depreciation value, so maintaining the vehicle for getting a good resale value is mandatory. Also, maintenance makes it a cost-effective car. If you are a little conscious, you can also make your cleaning hacks from the things available at home. You can also avail of some innovative car accessories on online shopping websites that help clean.

Get the list of useful everyday car cleaning hacks that can make the chore smooth and easy. 

Cleaning Tips for the Car’s Interior


  • Use Coffee Filters 

Coffee filters have an exceptional dust-absorbing quality which you can apply to wipe off the dust from the car’s interior body. It’s super easy to use and doesn’t require expensive materials for the cleaning job. 

  • Makeup Brush

One of the most incredible car cleaning tips comes in the form of a makeup brush. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old. You need a clean makeup brush for the dusting purpose. The makeup brush can dust off the narrow and the thinnest crevices and the vents of your car in seconds. 

  • Use Spray Bottle 

If you have a pet, it’s evident that it will leave its trail in the form of pet fur. It’s pretty challenging to clean it with a duster when dry. So, use a spray bottle with clear water inside it. Just spray slightly over the area in the form of mist. Overdoing the spray will not serve the purpose. Then using a squeegee, gently wipe off the pet hair instantly.

  • Get Rid Of Dirt Using A Screw Driver

A flattened screwdriver is a great car cleaning tip to clean the nooks and crannies where dirt is stuck over time and becomes difficult to clean. Using a cloth covering the screwdriver’s tip, it gets into the crevices and cleans effectively. 

  • Baking Soda Absorbs Smell

Upgrade your car vacuum cleaning with the use of baking soda. Baking soda has a fantastic quality of absorbing and neutralizing the smell of car upholstery. It is a simple process of sprinkling the soda before you start vacuuming as usual.

Cleaning Tips for the Car’s Exterior


  • Use microfiber cloth

It’s great to have a spotless windshield every time you drive. So, wipe off the windshield with a damp cloth and later dry it with a microfiber cloth. This process is a simple and effective car cleaning tip. And using it will not leave any mark or spot on the glass. 

  • Cleaning With Baby Wipes

Clean your window glasses with baby wipes. It is an excellent alternative for cleaning the minute’s dirt off your windows. You can wipe off anything with baby wipes as they have alcohol. It is wise to carry baby wipes along wherever you go. 

  • Use Of Drier Sheets And WD-40 As Car Cleaning Tips

Drier sheets will help clean the nasty bugs sticking to your car’s front. Instead of taking your vehicle to the nearest car wash, you can do the job alone, saving time and money. 

You can use WD-40 to wipe all dead bugs or grimes off the exterior car body for more effective results. Spraying WD-40 on the body and then rinsing with soapy water will remove all impurities from the frame. 

  • Use Toothpaste And a Toothbrush

Using a discarded toothbrush is a practical car cleaning tip. It can get into the corners and crannies and clean easily. You can also use toothpaste to clean the headlights. Squeeze out the toothpaste on a clean rag and rub it off over the area and rinse off with water. It will make the headlights shine with crystal clear clarity.

  • Washing With Hair Conditioner

Try a cheap hair conditioner as a car cleaning tip to save money instead of buying expensive car wash soap. Hair conditioners contain a wax-like substance known as lanolin. Using it will give your car an instant shine. 

Car Cleaning tips are a great alternative to maintaining your car like a pro. Depending on your choice and convenience, you can choose from various options and switch from one to another. You can also buy quality-based car care products from reputable and trustable websites like CarOrbis.


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