A Comprehensive Overview on Car Audio System Online Shopping

Even the various automakers offer car audio systems in most models. So what are the most well-known automobile audio system brands in India? 

Before the experts begin, you must note that the Indian market is home to several manufacturers that provide various sound experiences. Some car modification accessories have incredibly sharp highs, some have excellent lows, and some have great minds.

But if you want to replace your car electronic accessories or buy new ones, these are the nation’s most widely used audio system manufacturers.


  1. Check the files’ compression rates if your music sounds distorted or muffled when you play MP3, WMA, WAV, or another type of audio file. Inadequate sound quality results from higher compression rates that remove some low and high frequencies.
  2. Make sure your capture the content on your audio files at a high bit rate. This is just like you would with the compression rate. You will give up the quality when you record a file at a lower bit rate. This may result in a smaller file se and less storage space.
  3. Using an external amplifier, your car audio system can sound louder. First, however, make sure your speakers can withstand the increased power. If not, there’s a chance you’ll blow them out.
  4. Ensure the location you fit aftermarket speakers into has enough size for their output if you install them. A small or huge region will hamper their ability to operate at their best.

Best Car Audio Systems Buying Guide

Remember that not all products fit perfectly for your car when choosing your car audio systems. For example, some stereos might not fit your car’s audio system. 

This is because they come with the suitability for a specific smart phone brand or might not be the correct size. Customers should consider the following when selecting the best automotive stereo system for their vehicle:

Setting Up

Installing a car audio system is a rather tricky process, unlike putting in a subwoofer or a separate amplifier. Ensuring the system is correctly wired and powered requires readjusting the radio chassis to remove the existing sound system.

Let a technician replace the stereos if you’re unfamiliar with the technique for factory installation is usually advisable. Depending on the stereo intricate, the average installation fee ranges from $50 to $200 or more. So you’ll want to include that expense in your upgrading budget.


The ideal car audio systems should enhance factory features rather than interfere with them. For example, if you wish to maintain convenient audio adjustments, ensure the stereo you purchase comes with features like steering wheel controls.

The same holds for whatever further audio adjustments you’ve done on your car. For example, many manufacturers add stereo players in head units if you enjoy listening to CDs. Aux ports are a typical analogue workaround. However, if playing audio is your primary motivation for upgrading and you don’t mind cords.


Modern car audio systems frequently have an intelligent phone connection option. In addition, manufacturers will market technologies, but what do these terms mean?

The most accurate way to describe it is as broader access. You can use Bluetooth over your car’s stereo for streaming calls, music, and other audio. Similar functions are available through Apple Car Play and Android Auto. However, with extras like an audio command, GPS, and Spotify integration.

Even though Bluetooth is a wireless connection, it’s possible that your head unit’s wireless connectivity might not allow CarPlay. In addition, some manufacturers demand that before giving access to their phone’s sound, clients must first download a specific app.

Display Screen

Depending on your model, the display will seem different, although double DIN units typically have interactive touch screens. In addition to providing excellent, intelligent device compatibility, Customers can change the LCD’s colour themes.

You can find the same kind of panels in intelligent phones as capacitive touch screens. These support multi-touch gestures and provide a more user-friendly interface. However, it can cost more than usual.

The product’s HD screen may be another selling factor that certain manufacturers would like to emphasize. However, while this indicates good image quality, it is impossible to tell the difference between a 1080p and 4K display on a 7.0-inch screen.


Some car audio systems have built-in GPS units, whereas CarPlay uses your smart phone’s navigation data. This prevents the phone from utilising data and may result in improved navigation. However, it typically raises the cost of a stereo unit.

Final Thought

Finding excellent car audio systems can be difficult if you enjoy music. For example, do you want a single device with Bluetooth, GPS, and a video monitor? Or do you only require a volume dial and an essential aux input?

The experts hope this product review will enable you to choose the ideal configuration for your car.


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