3 Ways to Protect Your Car Paint

Painting your car involves a lot of investment, and proper maintenance would be cost-effective. Car paint is essential in enhancing your car’s overall look. Therefore, you need to take good care of it and schedule frequent maintenance to keep your car exterior showroom fresh. So, if you are wondering about the ways to protect your car paint, we have you covered with several tips.

It is pretty evident that the car paint would be vulnerable to sun exposure, rainwater during acid rains, and scratches that would lower your impression. That’s here the need of car cover comes. Choose from numerous quality car covers online at CarOrbis at affordable rates that are offered at affordable rates.  

Just as a healthy lifestyle enhances your inner glow, car paint decides the amount of attention you give to your car. Moreover, protecting your car paint ensures longevity and a satisfactory driving experience. Additionally, it also helps you increase the resale value of your car. Vehicle accessories to ensure perfect maintenance of your car paint, like a car cover and cleaning solutions, are available at CarOrbis.

Three best ways to protect your car paint:

Attempt A Regular Cleaning Of Your Car:

The first pro tip you would get from anyone about how to protect your car paint is a frequent car wash. This helps in keeping the look of your car intact and adds an extra shine to your car. It will make you feel proud of your favourite possession. You need to opt for a proper car wash; otherwise, you would leave a scratch on your car and make it more vulnerable to damage. Here are several car cleaning tips:

  1. Park your car under a proper shade: Washing your car under direct sunlight would speed up drying. This will create water spots and fast drying of the cleaning solution used to wash your car.
  2. Attempt a pre-rinse: This will remove the dust and dirt on your car’s surface and make cleaning easy.
  3. Checklists before starting your cleaning process: Prepare yourself with a clean cloth, two buckets containing clean water and water with a cleaning solution. These will help you clean your vehicle fast and save your precious time.
  4. Start with top-down motion: It is evident that the bottom part of your car would contain more dirt than the top. Therefore, you should not carry that dirt to the car’s upper surface. This will make the entire process more stressful. 
  5. Rinse frequently: Cleaning in hot weather might develop numerous water spots on the surface of your car. Rinse thoroughly and use a microfiber towel to dry up the surface.

Consider Using A Protective Coat:

Opting for a protective finish for your car can be the simplest and one of the most affordable ways to protect your car paint. There are many budget-friendly artificial coats available on the market. You can choose and buy one after knowing their longevity.

Car Polish: This coating helps to protect your car from the scorching heat of the sun. They provide an instant shine and brightness to your car paint, making it look impressive. You can also make the looks of oil and smudges less visible to ensure a smooth driving experience. Flaunt your car every time you arrive at a party by applying a car polish, making it look anew.


Car Wax: A similar way to protect your car paint is by applying a coat of wax to it. Car wax is a coating manufactured with several ingredients such as natural oils, beeswax, carnauba wax and petroleum distillates. Car wax forms a thin layer on the car paint to protect it from several exposures.

 Paint Sealant: Protect your car paint with paint sealant, which offers a thin layer of protection against daily pollution and unintentional scratches. It is an advanced sealant that protects your car from UV rays and acid rain. Apply this to your car to extend your car’s longevity and enhance its shine. 

Cover Up Your Car After Use:

Get a car cover for your car to avoid destruction from accumulated dirt, debris, bird guano, road grime and other things that might destroy your car’s shine and charm. Also, leaving your car exposed to heat, storms and rain would increase the risk of fast damage. But before putting a cover on your car, ensure it is clean and dry. 

However, it is familiar with most car covers that they possess only one strap and a clip buckle at the bottom. This can be unsafe for your car if parked in the general parking or an open area. Instead, consider adding new tie-down points that can be tied to the wheels. This will keep your car paint intact and reduce the accumulation of dust on the surface of your car.

Most car body covers come with one single strap with a clip buckle usually placed at the bottom. To ensure maximum security in your car, buy shoelaces and make new tie-down points to tie them to wheels.

These are the top 3 ways to protect your car paint and keep the outer surface shiny and fresh. Protect your car paint with the help of different car paint protecting accessories and give yourself the experience of driving a new car every time you go out with your car. 










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